Diamond Shine Pressure Cleaning is a company comprising a team of cleaning experts who improve your property’s appearance through industry-leading pressure cleaning methods. As the days pass by, your property’s exterior elements such as walls, driveways, fences, and paver will get covered with things such as grime, dust, bird droppings, and so on. Our special pressure cleaning service is focused on removing all the dirt and other things that hinder the “New Look” of your property and its elements. “Bringing back the sparkle of clients’ properties” is the top aim of our pressure cleaning solutions. Be it brick, steel cladding or painted/unpainted walls; leave the hard cleaning job to us, and we will clean it efficiently, also; perfectly.

why choose us?

We provide pressure cleaning services to all Melbourne metro areas. Hiring professional cleaners gives better results. Using the latest technology, right chemicals, and experience in the industry always count. We are a full-service company in Melbourne that provides more than just pressure cleaning. Complex projects such as bathroom restoration and delicate sofa cleaning are also our expertise. The pressure cleaning equipment we use can easily reach the heights and other hard-to-reach areas. So, you can enjoy an efficient service that saves your time and money too. Cleaning fences, pergolas, and steps with manual brushing is a nightmare. And, as a homeowner; you may not have the required cleaning equipment such as a commercial pressure cleaning machine. Diamond Shine has it all, making us your reliable cleaning company in the Melbourne region. You can hire us for pre-sell property cleaning, spring cleaning, and all other types.

Commitment, experience, quality, environment-friendliness, and reputation are our biggest strengths. The safety of people, environment, and your property is one of our top priorities. Long service history proves our efficiency and reliability.


Benefits of hiring us:

Our full-service pressure cleaning covers the whole exterior of your property including concrete, walls, render, window frames, gutters, doors, fences, and we clean off dust, moss, soot, bird droppings, cobwebs, and whatever making your property look old and unclean. And, after we clean; your property will look new again.

The latest technology we use includes pressure cleaning equipment that can complete projects of all scales and our technician’s experience in the industry guarantees a safe and complete job. Our affordable prices give you peace of mind about planning your budget.

Other than providing pressure cleaning, we provide bathroom restoration, tile sealing, steam cleaning, which makes us your one-stop and all-in-one cleaning company in the Melbourne region.


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