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Our industry-leading tile and grout cleaning services are provided by a friendly and professional team ready to rejuvenate your home. Your bathroom may not be the first place that visitors see when they enter your property but, a bathroom shows off the cleanliness of your family. Also, maintaining bathroom hygiene is essential to maintaining good health. Why hire professionals to clean? Well, Diamond Shine doesn’t provide day-to-day cleaning however, when your bathroom and tiles are too old or dirty, and you can’t clean them sufficiently yourself; that is where we come in handy. Give us a ring, and we will be there in no time to start the job straight away. Below is a list of services we provide in the tile and grout cleaning category:

tile cleaning services

Bathroom And Tile Cleaning

With time and day-to-day use, tiles will lose their original colour due to dirt, soap, limescale, and detergent buildups. Manual brushing will not get the original look you had and cleaning tiles and grout can get tricky under certain conditions. For example, can you use a high-pressure cleaning method to clean loose floor surfaces and grout? High-pressure water can further damage surfaces, making the situation worse.

At Diamond Shine, we know the exact method that should be used for cleaning damaged surfaces. We employ the latest technology, a Rotovac professional tile and grout cleaning machine, which uses less water and detergent. Some companies or cleaners may offer a cheaper service but most employ cost-cutting practises without guaranteeing their work. We as a top-class cleaning company in the Melbourne region focus more on quality, not the quantity. Hiring Diamond Shine will give you peace of mind and save your time and money by minimising unwanted damages to your property.

Dirty grout and tiles can really destroy the look of your space. No matter the build up, here at Diamond Shine Pressure Cleaning we can revive your tiles and grout in a matter of hours. In places such as the bathroom, where there is continual moisture, mold and mildew thrive. However, we have the solution and it involves little work for you!

Giving our clients’ tile and grout a brand new look is our ultimate goal. The combination of the right chemicals, cleaning methods, and our many years of experience create the perfect finish, and we guarantee it! We invite you to read our customer reviews and find out how previous customers have rated our world-class service.

Pool Deck Cleaner

Tile And Grout Cleaning

Our tile and grout service is not limited to the bathroom rather, we focus on all areas of your property where these features are present. The cleaning methods we use are similar to a bathroom clean with the added Diamond Shine difference.
DIY grout cleaning can get you into all sorts of strife. If the wrong products or tools are used this can damage the grout leading to water leakage into the surrounding structural elements. Put your feet up and let the professionals do the hard work!

Driveway, Paver and Concrete Cleaner

Tile Sealing And Restoration

What’s next after tile cleaning? Well, investing a bit more money in our long-lasting tile sealing service will protect your tiles from various buildups. Tile sealing is a quick fix to prevent scratches and damage on the tile surface. Pores, scratches, and damaged sections can harbour dirt, which will lead to discoloration. Preventing water leakage through the tiles into the surrounding structure is another benefit of investing money into tile sealing.

Well, you don’t need to have thousands of dollars to hire us for this service! Our affordable rates will give you peace of mind, and save you money in the long run. Increased chemical-resistance and long-life are other benefits of tile sealing. Our tile restoration service will save you thousands of dollars that you would otherwise spend on new tiles and installation.

Why choose us to seal and restore your tiles?

  • We are a professional team who offer high-quality workmanship at a reasonable price
  • Our equipment is industry-specific and the latest technology
  • We guarantee our work
  • We strictly follow OH & S guidelines
  • Servicing the Greater Melbourne area.

What exactly is grout? Well, it is the material that fills gaps between tiles. With time, grout gets deteriorated, creating gaps between tiles, which can cause serious issues such as water leaks. We know that DIY grouting is tempting, but a half job will cause serious issues in the future. Hiring professionals is highly advisable for this complex task, and Diamond Shine can do it perfectly for you.

regrouting tiles

Tile regrouting

Damaged grout is a common cause of water leakage into the surrounding structure. This issue is more common where the tiles get exposed to water daily, for example your bathroom tiles. Tile regrouting is a complex task so, you should hire a professional to get it right the first time. Diamond Shine is a industry-leading company who regularly perform this complex task. We don’t apply new grout over existing, damaged grout. Instead our technicians remove the old grout completely before applying new grout, the correct way of doing it to ensure longevity.

water damage restoration

Water Damage Restoration

Ignoring grout damage and failing to maintain tiles will ultimately lead to water damage. We are the right company to hire for complete water damage restoration as we use industry-leading technology and always employ professionals. No matter how severe the damage is, we will find a way to fix your property. Prevention is always the best option but, if water damage is evident we will work hard to fix or restore your home.

Our qualified engineers and technicians will perform a complete structural test and evaluate the severity of water damage then, suggest the necessary fixes. A quick tip: never ignore water damage as it can lead to a sudden, complete structural failure. Could you afford this as a homeowner? Contact us today and get your property’s water damage restored preventing a future disaster.

Bathroom cleaning services and tile cleaning services

Once a year, your bathroom will need a detailed clean to get the new look back. Hiring a full-service bathroom cleaner who covers tile and grout cleaning is the best option you have, and this where we Shine!

Water damage restoration and regrouting tiles

As one of leading cleaning company in the greater Melbourne region, we can provide you with tile sealing, tile cleaning, grout cleaning, and complete bathroom restoration including water damage repair — all at affordable rates for your convenience.

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