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This process involves grinding a concrete surface in order to achieve a smooth, polished finish. Designed for functionality or decorative means, concrete grinding raises the overall quality and standard of the surface. A speciality of Diamond Shine Pressure Cleaning, we provide high quality concrete grinding encompassing a wide range of associated services, from surface polishing to surface area removal. We also specialise in the careful removal of glue, epoxy, paint and tile glue.

Conducting this service not only requires the necessary equipment but significant expertise and knowhow. Our experienced technicians are well versed in the many elements of this process, employing a great deal of care to every concrete site. All provided at affordable rates we offer excellent return on investment for each and every one of our customers.


Our Process

Depending on your exact needs and requirements our process will be tailored to provide the correct applicable grinding service for each situation. Whether you require a polish or a complete refurbish, Diamond Shine can provide for all. Our team are able to operate at times resulting in minimal disruption to your residential, commercial or industrial worksite. A typical concrete grinding process will consist of:


  • The removal of any existing surface coatings

  • Sealing cracks and joints with an epoxy or associated filter

  • Grinding the surface with a grit metal-bonded diamond

  • The application of a chemical hardener to increase density


Concrete Benefits and Solutions

If you have noticed significant wear, cracks, damage or degradation of your concrete surface the only course of action to take is to contact a professional. Allowing your concrete to continue to degrade can lead to potential safe hazards, particularly in the case of any type of worksite. Enlisting a concrete grinding service from the experts, on the other hand, ensures a high quality service for many years to come.

As a home or business owner, you cannot allow the potential for any hazards based upon damaged concrete. Instead, let Diamond Shine take the issue off your hands. For the revitalisation, maintenance or enhancement of your concrete, get in touch with our team today!


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