Driveway Colour Sealing Services in Melbourne by Experts

Exposed to all elements of nature throughout the four seasons, outside concrete areas in your property have a tendency to build up large amounts of dirt and grime. Beyond natural forces, concrete paths, driveways and walls are also subject to significant wear and tear from human activities and tread marks from vehicles. Similarly, garage floors accumulate dirt and all forms of stains. Left untouched, these surfaces can face significant levels of degradation over short periods of time. The practice of sealing, however, can fight these various attacks on these surfaces as well as providing protection from further harm.

At Diamond Shine Pressure Cleaning, we provide comprehensive driveway and garage floor sealing for homes and worksites. Utilising highly effective protective cleaning materials, our service ensures quality for both the short and the long term.


Our Process

Our service will begin with an initial site inspection, resulting in a prospective quote. Once the quote is agreed upon we will begin to carefully apply protective coats, depending on the level of exposure the surface typically receives. These coats range from a natural finish to gloss or semi-gloss and more. We also specialise in providing driveway and garage colour sealing and the application of epoxy coating.We strive to be adaptable to the needs and wishes of our customers, adapting to their preferred outcome. Following the completion of the sealing process we will then end with a final clean and sweep of the area.


The Benefits of Professional Driveway and Garage Floor Sealing

For home and business owners, maintaining a clean, presentable and hazard free driveway is crucial. The benefits of a pristine driveway are multifaceted, not only providing a positive impression of your property to others but a driveway you or your tenants can truly be proud of. Sealing is a quick and effective way to maintain the quality of your driveway and garage floor surfaces, with excellent clarity and in built resistance to UV damage .

Applying professional level sealing results in a long lasting effect, rather than a surface that will regularly accumulate dirt following a home clean. Protective coating adds strength and durability to a surface that simply cannot be achieved by a hose down or a scrub. In fact, a professional standard seal actually makes cleaning the surface yourself much easier after the fact. Investment in a DSP sealing process can restore these surfaces to their original condition, unlocking the many benefits that will arise as a result.


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