High-pressure cleaning uses a water stream that shoots at a high-rate, removing buildups such as limescale and mold in no time. Why should you hire Diamond Shine for it? Well, anybody can use a pressure washer, but you should analyze the surface condition first before you point the pressure washer towards it. For example, using a pressure washer will cause further damages to a surface such as an already-damaged wall or a floor. Our expert pressure washers give priority to the safety of everyone and everything around them. Below is a list of services we provide under high-pressure cleaning:

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High-Pressure Cleaning/Pressure Washing

This service is focused on washing away the loose paint, dust, mold, dirt, and even chewing gum. Pressure washing is an efficient and a cheap way to clean the surfaces, but leaving it to the experts in the industry is advisable to avoid unnecessary damages. Pressure washers come in various pressure grades, and the experts in the industry know which pressure limit is too much and can cause damages to the surface. Also, homeowners don’t have commercial pressure washers that can get rid of tough stains on stubborn surfaces.

Manual brushing takes a long time, also; the final finish isn’t satisfactory. So, if you move into an old house, and its exterior and surfaces are dirty; contact Diamond Shine, and we will wash away the dirt and make the old house look like a brand new one.

“Cheap Cleaners” would just use a high-pressure washer without analyzing the surface condition. Did you know that a commercial pressure washer can produce pressures from 750 to 30,000 psi? That much pressure can damage your fence, leading to unnecessary repairing costs. At Diamond Shine, we follow the industrial standards, so your fence and brick wall are in safe hands.

High Pressure Brick and Fence Cleaner

Brick And Fence Cleaning

Exterior structures such as brick walls and fences get exposed to water, dirt, and mud throughout the year. But, homeowners can’t afford to keep these exterior structures dirty as the visitors will see it as soon as they enter a property. Remember, the first impression is crucial in today’s world. The process we follow to clean bricks and fences is a robust one, and the right chemicals and methods we use are unmatched.

Driveway, Paver and Concrete Cleaner

Driveway, Paver, And Concrete Cleaning

The driveway could be the first thing that the visitors will see, so it has effects on the overall personality of your home and family. Since it is an outside structural element, the driveway gets exposed to dirt and other environmental factors. No matter the material that your driveway is made of, we are the right group of experts to hire for a full-detailed clean of it. Some driveways can extend up to a few hundreds of meters, making it impossible for homeowners to clean it. Also, cleaning of driveways that are made by laying bricks can get tricky. All these facts suggest that hiring professional cleaners is the best option you got in today’s world, and Diamond Shine is the right cleaning company to hire.

A clean driveway can add so much personality to your property. Contact us today, then one of our cleaners will come to your property and analyze the task. With the right chemicals, techniques, and experience; let us get your driveway the “fresh look” it deserves. Our affordable prices and quality service will satisfy you 100%, and we guarantee it.

Other than your driveway, you can hire us for cleaning projects involving Paver and Concrete too. Walkways and driveways made of paver and concrete should be cleaned with the right chemicals and machines; manual brushing won’t take you anywhere with it. At Diamond Shine, we combine pressure washing and flat surface cleaner to giving a new look to your driveway/walkway.

Why is safety important when cleaning house/building exterior? Cleaning the exterior of a story-building is a tough job as reaching the height is a challenge. Special equipment and training are necessary to tackle such projects safely. As a homeowner, you may not have the right equipment and practice to reach the height and clean the exterior of your house/building. Hiring us will save your time, money, and health too.

House and Building Exterior Pressure Washing

House And Building Exterior Washing

Whether it is a refurbishing project or a spring clean, we are the right group of cleaning experts that you should hire to getting your house/building exterior a new look. Exterior washing is definitely beyond DIY limits, so hiring the professionals is highly advisable. No matter how big/tall is your house/building, our expert cleaners can complete the project efficiently and safely. While protecting the house’s exterior elements, we give them a new look by deep cleaning.

Pool Deck Cleaner

Pool Deck Cleaning

A pool deck is a place where water is present, so the chance for buildups is high. Limescale, dirt, and soap are the commonly-found buildups on the pool deck, and a robust cleaning method is necessary to clean it. Concrete, tile, stone, rubber, wood, brick, paver, spray-on coatings, and granite are the widely used material for pool decks. No matter with what material your pool deck is made, we have cleaning methods to clean it perfectly.

Failing to clean the pool deck and the surroundings can lead to a harbor of viruses such as HPV. The chlorine in pool water can get settled between the gaps in the pool deck (white stains,) and cleaning it is a tough job. Hiring professionals cleaners who have got the right equipment is highly advisable so. Of course, we take over projects involving public swimming pools. The pool deck, shower area, and the pool itself are the places we cover under this service. Contact us today for a quote, or we can send one of our representatives to your premises for a complete evaluation. In summary, you can expect a world-class service by hiring us, and we have proved it over the past years of our long service history.

Hiring pressure washing services including brick cleaner and paver cleaner

The exterior of your property comprises elements made of brick and paver. Contracting fully-equipped high-pressure cleaner is the best choice you got in hand to remove stubborn dirt and stains on these elements.

Diamond Shine is the best high-pressure cleaner and concrete cleaner in Melbourne

The latest technology we use with advanced and safe methods guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, making us the best high pressure cleaner in your city. Also, we are a full-service professional cleaning company that provides various cleaning services including pressure washing, brick cleaner, and so on. So, hiring us means your time and money saved in the long run.

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