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Maintaining your office space is an essential element to running a successful office based operation of any kind. From office functionality to the wellbeing of your employees, these spaces (whether large or small) require regular cleaning from trained professionals. Ensuring compliance with OH&S standards is a vital element of any business, firm or company. By contracting specialised services dedicated to office cleaning and maintenance you can avoid any potential risks to your employees or clients.

At Diamond Shine, our service has proven to provide employers and business owners with sound, quality and thorough office cleaning. Open and adaptable we are able to tailor this service to you depending on your specific needs and requirements, ranging from daily, weekly, monthly and yearly services.


Our Process

All available outside of working hours with minimal disruption to your business and its employees, we will get to work on a thorough and detailed clean of all areas throughout the office space. Our services include:

  • Rubbish removal

  • Bathroom and toilet cleaning

  • The wiping of all desks and surfaces

  • Vacuuming

  • Disinfecting counters, stall walls, fixtures, fittings and push plates

  • Wall cleaning

  • Stain removal across surfaces and carpets

  • Sanitisation of all areas from desks and floors to keyboards and computers

  • Maintenance of hard floors and surfaces

  • Kitchen cleaning


Once completed, you and your employees can return to a clean, neat, sanitary and safe office space, one in which they can truly feel comfortable in and therefore at their most productive each and every day.


What Office Cleaning Offers

An area of high activity, office spaces are not only an accumulator of dirt and stains but are highly susceptible to the influx of germs and bacteria. Contracting professional office cleaning can help to eliminate these unwanted bacteria and ensure the health of your employees. Our use of effective eco friendly products creates a clean and safe environment for your business to thrive.


Due to their extensive daily use, a single janitor cannot simply clean an office. Only professional cleaning services guarantees the maintenance of every inch of the space, ultimately creating a workspace that your employees will happily return to each and every day.


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