Anti-Slip Coating

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Slipping is an everyday hazard caused by exposure to wet, dirty or dishevelled surfaces. With the potential for serious injury and subsequent legal ramifications, the implications of a slipping accident can be extremely serious. Not only confined to floors and pavement, stairs are actually the leading cause of slip-based injuries. There is a simple and easy way, however, to completely avoid the potential of slippage. Whether you own a home, a business or a public space, professional anti-slip coating services can provide protection and peace of mind.

Diamond Shine Pressure Cleaning are Melbourne’s premier providers of effective anti-slip coating solutions. Able to provide once off or regular application of these products, we tailor each solution to our clients needs, offering you a choice of coatings to match your individual requirements for your surface.

Our Process

Available around the clock, our technician will arrive at your site to provide a thorough inspection of the proposed area. We offer inspections for residential, commercial and industrial sites. Once inspected our technicians will list a number of options, from short term to long term, to you. We take 3 main aspects into consideration when deliberating on the best course of action; these include the environment, the surface material and the intended end use.

The Diamond Shine service ensures optimal care and protection of the treated surface. We specialise in the application of these major types of coating solutions, including:

  • Pre-mixed non slip surface coating

  • Non-slip nano coating

  • Coating plus a non-slip additive

How an Anti-Slip Coating Can Assist You

Save yourself from unnecessary risk to the health of your loved ones, clients, customers and employees with the simple measure of our anti-slip coating service. Accidents and litigation at your workplace or a public place can be very serious, why even allow for the risk? Our proven anti-slip coating solutions will guarantee peace of mind and surfaces free from slippage. With our many options, you can customise the finish to not only provide a coat that is effective but one that is also pleasing to the eye or in keeping with your desired aesthetic.


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