Carpet & Fabric Protection

Carpet, fabric and upholstery are highly prone to the accumulation of dirt, grime, wet soil and all types of stains. In the home or the worksite, none of the fore mentioned are free from damage. When originally put in place or at the point of purchase most carpets and upholstery do not come with the necessary level of protection to withstand wear and tear.

Employing the use of carpet and fabric protector products provides an affordable insurance option to guarantee long term functionality and performance. These products drastically increase the carpet or fabric’s ability to fight any damage that occurs in the future. Protection is provided to counteract oil spills, soil damage and day-to-day grease, grime and stains. At Diamond Shine, we have helped countless clients to proactively safeguard their carpet, fabric and upholstery at homes and businesses.

Our Process

The Diamond Shine technicians utilise numerous soil and stain protection brands from the well-known Scotch Guard to many more. Once the surface or furniture is closely examined we will offer and discuss protection options with you, determining the best fit delivered at the most affordable price.

After a selection is made we will carefully apply the protector the intended area, ensuring every section of the surface is completely covered and protected. Finally, our friendly staff will notify you on the best practices to ensure that your carpet, fabric and upholstery maintain a diamond shine!

The Pros of Carpet and Fabric Protection

Protected carpet surfaces are significantly better equipped to deal with any potential harm or hazard. While you might think carpet stains and marks are a common inevitable occurrence, they do not have to be! With our protection application, your home or workplace can operate without the threat of carpet damage. Give your carpet its very own diamond shine and contact us today!


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