Carpet Flood Damage Restoration

Carpet Flooding is unfortunate occurrence that typically affects way too many throughout Melbourne. Brought about through various means, this flooding can cause irreversible damage to your carpet if not treated correctly in prompt fashion. As anyone who has ever experienced this would know, a water-damaged carpet also emits a terrible odour that only gets worse with time.

Luckily, at Diamond Shine Cleaning we are highly trained and equipped with the solutions to stop flood damage in its tracks, restoring your carpet to as good as new. If you suffer flood or water damage, it is vital that you contact us as soon as possible and prevent any further damage or expenses.

Our Process

Diamond Shine Pressure Cleaning provides immediate services throughout the entire greater Melbourne area. Responding to the call as quickly as possible, our team will arrive at your site to inspect and identify the extent of the water damage, resulting in an onsite evaluation and estimate. Our technology will also allow us to detect damage unseen to the naked eye.

Following the evaluation, we will apply a number of targeted extraction and drying methods in order to revitalise your carpet. Employing the use of industry leading carpet restoration technology, our experienced team have a proven track record of the application of effective, long-lasting treatment. Our renowned rapid and effective techniques will facilitate a quick turnaround, enabling your home or business returns to normal as fast as possible.

How Can Professional Carpet Restoration Help You?

Ignoring a water damaged carpet will lead to irreparable damage. This subsequent damage then leads to the need to remove and replace the carpet, coming at a significant cost to you. Calling us as quickly as possible, on the other hand, will not only save your carpet but also save you money!

Attempting to treat the affected surface with sub par products may temporarily alleviate the problem. A likely result, however, is that a water damaged carpet not correctly treated in the first instance will continue to degrade over time. Employing effective yet affordable professionals is the proven response to undesirable carpet flood damage is the only way to go.


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