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Despite what you may think concrete is not a solid substance, it is actually a porous material easily prone to damage. Outdoor concrete areas and surfaces are left wide open to the natural elements. This increased exposure leaves it vulnerable to dirt and debris from trees, vehicles and many other various forms of dirt. Combined with concrete’s propensity to accumulate dirt of various forms, outdoor surfaces of this type require regular maintenance. The practice of sealing, however, can fight these various surface issues as well as providing protection from further harm. Diamond Shine Pressure Cleaning are your affordable and experienced providers of high quality concrete and paver sealing services.



Our Process

Our customer driven service begins with a site visit to formulate a quote. Once completed and agreed upon by you, we will provide a number of options so you can determine the type of finish you want. Once underway our technician will apply proven high performance Australian sealants to the surface. We will successfully remove those long lasting stains you thought you would never get rid of! Once the protective layers have been added we will provide a complete wipe down and final clean of the surface, leaving you good to go!


The Key Advantages of this Service

The maintenance of concrete areas at home or a worksite can be a painstaking practice. Constantly exposed to the many variations of Melbourne’s unpredictable weather, both human and natural forces contribute to the degradation of these surfaces.

Removing stains and build-ups of dirt on these surfaces your self is not an easy task. For effective treatment it is essential you enlist the services of Diamond Shine, a professional, tried and tested provider. Our affordable rates always ensure that you receive value for money. Property value, functionality and safety can all be dramatically improved from the high quality DSP sealing service. Sealants can even prevent the growth of moss and weeds across your concrete pavers.

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Once completed, our service will:

  • Provide superior stain resistance properties against contaminants such as oil, grease, tea, coffee and wine.
  • Reduce corrosion attack on steel reinforcing.
  • Add a Salt barrier – ideal around saltwater pools or marinas
  • Eliminate the occurrence of Efflorescence.

Exposed Aggregate


Polished concrete


Concrete pavers


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