Driveway, Paver & Concrete Pressure Cleaning

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Exposed to all elements of nature throughout the four seasons, outside concrete areas in your property have a tendency to build up large amounts of dirt and grime. Beyond natural forces, concrete paths, driveways and walls are also subject to significant wear and tear from human activities and tread marks from vehicles. Attempting to clean these areas yourself can be a time-consuming process and without the right tools and methods, dirt can easily build up again if not cleaned correctly.

Our Process

At Diamond Shine Pressure Cleaning, we provide an efficient and long-lasting paver cleaning service. Applying techniques specifically designed to match each individual surface, we employ the use of the proper cleaning materials to eliminate dirt from every crease and crack. With significant expertise on hand, our paver pressure cleaning methods are tried, tested and trusted by our clients.

We pressure clean and restore following surfaces:


Paving Brick Retaining walls
Driveway Timber decking Porcelain Tiles
Stone Tiles Slate Limestone
Travertine Quarry Tiles Ceramic Tiles
Sandstone Terracotta Bluestone
Stone Pavers Granite Concrete


The Benefits of Pressure Cleaning

Whether you are a home or business owner, maintaining a clean, presentable and hazard free driveway is crucial. The benefits of a pristine driveway are multifaceted, not only providing a positive impression of your property to others but a driveway you or your tenants can truly be proud of.

For commercial or industrial business owners, this service is just as vital. A clean, dirt and stain driveway emits an instant impression to potential customers, clients and staff. Ensuring peak functionality and compliance with OHS standards and more can also be achieved through professional DSP concrete pressure cleaning.

Avoid the porous process of attempting to clean these surfaces yourself, achieving a sub par results time after time. Allow the professionals to employ expertise and top of the line pressure cleaning methods. For comprehensive and effective paver pressure cleaning of concrete surfaces of all types, get in touch with us today and reap the benefits!

How to protect your stone and concrete surfaces from staining?


Sealed Stone Surface 


Surface Sealing & Protection


Reducing stains and making future cleaning more manageable, sealing is an excellent method designed to keep your surfaces clean and vibrant. At the core, sealing creates a barrier or shield for your surface, working to protect stone and concrete from chemical spills, pets, deterioration and other stains. It also makes it easier to clean each and every time!

Naturally prone to wear and tear, stone and concrete surfaces require solid ongoing protection. DS Pressure Cleaning apply tried and tested sealing products, improving the vitality and longevity of your home’s outdoor areas; keeping them protected, clean and presentable for years to come! Give your stone and concrete surfaces a stain free diamond shine with the help of our expert sealing service.

Diamond Shine is a reputable company who thrive on delivering high-quality results to you. Why not ask us for a quote? You’ll be surprised at our affordable prices! Get a quote
We have many years of experience with different tiles, cleaners, grout and sealers so rest assured you are in very capable hands.

Sealer Application will: 

  • Protect stone and concrete against environmental staining
  • Stain resistance properties against contaminants such as oil, grease, tea, coffee and wine.
  • Easy to clean
  • Reduces Mould, moss, and algae growth
  • Reduces corrosion attack on steel reinforcing.
  • Assists in eliminating the occurrence of efflorescence
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Sandstone paver before cleaning


Sandstone paver After cleaning


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