Efflorescence Removal

Efflorescence refers to the formation of salt deposits present at the surface of a tile or concrete surface. Typically appearing as white stains, white powder or decolourisation on or at the edge of a tile, many are completely unaware of its underlying cause. Poor initial tiling or concreting is generally the primary cause of efflorescence.

While generally harmless, this does not mean that you should not want it removed. At Diamond Shine, we help countless individuals and businesses to eliminate efflorescence on their tile and concrete surfaces. Delivered at an affordable rate and a no hassle approach, we can guarantee an efflorescence free finish.

Our Process

Once contacted, our technicians will arrive to conduct a site inspection of all infected areas. With years of experience on hand, our staff are well versed on the most effective treatment for efflorescence.

Once these salt deposits are removed we then apply a number of methods specifically designed to prevent it from ever happening again. This includes

  • Pressure cleaning

  • Sealing all joints and gaps

  • Applying water-based or solvent-based sealers

  • Regrouting

  • Allowing the new grout to dry

  • Sealing all grout lines

The Benefits of Efflorescence Removal

If you notice any form of efflorescence at your property it is vital that you act quickly. Not only are these stains unattractive to the eye but they can slowly lead to issues of decolourisation. As a result, complete tile or concrete replacement may be necessary.

Luckily, our efflorescence removal service saves you significant time, money and effort. With sealing, pressure cleaning and the revitalisation of grout all included, this is a comprehensive process to restore your tiles or concrete surface, all delivered at an affordable price.



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