End of Lease Cleaning

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Whether related to your business or your own home, moving out from one property to another is a stressful process. With so many aspects to consider, conducting a comprehensive clean before the end of the lease can seem overwhelming. It is highly important to remember that many lease agreements include stipulations and conditions that you (as the tenant) must return the property neat, clean and damage-free.

Even a thorough home-based effort can still miss spots, marks and stains throughout the building or home. An untrained eye can also miss aspects of vital importance to the property owner and future tenants. Diamond Shine Pressure Cleaning can take the burden off your hands, providing a detailed professional standard service, ensuring your property is in a pristine state. Our services allows for complete peace of mind when exiting, vacating or moving on to a new property.

Our Process

Our Diamond Shine team will begin by conducting a thorough inspection of the property, identifying all relevant spaces requiring cleaning. From here we will clean the entire space from scratch, top to bottom, interior and exterior. Working in a dedicated fashion we will eliminate every inch of dirt and grime from every wall, floor and surface within the property. Our commitment to remaining up to date with the preeminent products of the cleaning industry not only ensure a job well done but also a service that is environmentally sound. Whether it is a residential, commercial or industrial property, we pride ourselves on the same end result for every client – a neat, dirt free space primed for a smooth and hassle free end of lease transition.

How Our End of Lease Cleaning Can Help You

Vacating a property of any type has a number of added implications. Lease and bond agreements often include strict conditions on maintaining the space in its original condition by the end of the lease. Both in residential and commercial cases, dirt build up and stains are an almost unavoidable occurrence. By employing our team can save you substantial time, effort and stress. The Diamond Shine service guarantees that you will get your end of lease bond back.

Allowing a both affordable and efficient team of professional cleaners can significantly simplify the moving process. With a proven track record of providing a thorough service with a quick turnaround, Diamond Shine can assist you with an easy, stress free end of lease process.


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