Graffiti Cleaning

Has your home, business or private space been afflicted by unwanted graffiti? Diamond Shine Pressure Cleaning can restore your surface to its original state, free from unwelcome marks and tags. An often-random occurrence, graffiti can affect almost any surface throughout the city. Whether it is a wall, a fence, a vehicle, this can happen to anyone at anytime. An estimated cost of 2.7 billion dollars is spent each year in Australia in response to graffiti alone.

Our Process

With an affordable rate, we offer no fuss graffiti removal service with a quick turnaround. Occurring in many forms, from spray paint to crayons, wax, permanent paint, chemicals, markers, organic substances and others, we are fully equipped to deal with the complete removal of these marks and stains.

Our process includes the utilisation of industry leading technology and materials specifically targeted at clan and environmentally friendly graffiti removal. As early removal can be vital in achieving complete stain removal, we strive to provide a quick and efficient service from the moment we are hired.

The Benefits of Graffiti Removal

Attempting to remove graffiti on your own can lead to long-lasting damage to your affected surface, degrading its quality, colour and finish. Using either sub par or the wrong products and techniques can cause irreparable damage. On the other hand, employing our team at Diamond Shine Pressure Cleaning will guarantee no further issues arise down the line.


Unsolicited graffiti can be far from artistic. Allowing it to remain on your home or commercial property can hurt your outward image and as a result the outside perception in the eyes of others. While organised graffiti art can benefit your business the opposite is true of unwanted marks or tags. Don’t let your business be negatively affected when the DSP team provides a simply and easy service designed to have you graffiti free in no time.


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