Industrial Cleaning

Industrial factories, warehouses or any other type of facility all require regular, detailed and thorough maintenance. Essential to the wellbeing of the workforce and the overall productivity of the workplace, this is not an area that can be ignored or simply put off to a later date. Professional level cleaning must be conducted on a regular basis. Failure to do so can have dire consequences, threatening the livelihoods of your employees. One singular spill, surface crack of unchecked piece of machinery can turn into a serious health and safety hazard.

The Diamond Shine Pressure Cleaning service removes these issues and their related stress away, ensuring your industrial operation is kept neat, clean, functional and above all, safe. With a highly trained team of contract industrial cleaners on hand, we are your number one go to providers in the city of Melbourne.

Our Process

Available across differing intervals, from once off to daily to weekly and more, our team will typically operate outside of your working hours, providing the absolute minimal disruption to your operation. Our typical service not only involves the cleaning of machinery and equipment but also the overall maintenance or the facility. Placing OH&S as the number one priority, we conduct thorough inspections of the site to identify and safely treat any potential hazards. The Diamond Shine service will include:

  • Hard floor maintenance

  • Cleaning staff areas

  • Bathroom and toilet cleaning

  • Rubbish removal

  • High pressure water based cleaning

  • Dusting

  • Stain Removal

  • Vacuuming

  • Machinery and equipment cleaning

  • Surface cleaning

The Constant Benefits of Industrial Cleaning

Enlisting outside contracted cleaning services allows you to order a clean when you want, whenever you want. This allows you to save significant expenditure of hiring cleaners to your staff, adding further to the payroll. Our service gives you the option to tell us how often you require a clean.

Industrial cleaning offers thorough maintenance of machinery, workstations and employee areas. Our service helps to improve functionality, worker morale and eliminates the potential for dangerous workplace hazards. Don’t allow your warehouse or factory to succumb to degradation, dirtiness and dilapidation. Instead, hire us and begin to reap the many benefits!


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