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Maintenance and cleaning of industry machinery is absolutely vital to the success of any commercial or industrial operation. If your business currently utilised any form of light or heavy machinery you must enlist professional quality pressure cleaning services on a regular basis.

Our Process

At Diamond Shine, we specialise in reliable, thorough and proficient industry-standard pressure cleaning of machinery. A service that encompasses a wide variety of different machinery types, our efficient process will enable your workplace maintains a high level of safety and functionality. Our process allows for minimal disruption to the workplace and total provision of our own materials. We will remove dirt & dust, rust, cobwebs, smoke and soot, grease, grime and everything in between.

Our approach is built upon a foundation of attention to detail, applying industry-leading cleaning products and compliance to safety regulations at all times. Noticed an issue with one or a number of your home, commercial or industry machinery? Do not hesitate any longer, contact DSP Cleaning today and get your operation back on track!


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How Industrial Machinery Cleaning will Benefit you

Regular professional pressure cleaning of machinery has a wide range of short and long-term benefits. These benefits are felt by a number of parties, from your entire staff to the individual machine operators. Ensuring machinery maintains peak functionality also increases efficiency in the workplace, ultimately providing financial benefits as a result.

Another benefit of hiring professional pressure cleaning lies in the ability we possess to remove dirt, grime and stains rather than mask them. Essentially, this means they will require cleaning on a less regular basis. Ignoring unclean and potentially hazardous machinery can raise the risks and threaten the safety of your staff. This is why the best course of action is to take charge, be proactive and contact us at DSP as soon as possible and get your machinery back to tip top shape!



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