Mattress Cleaning

Everyday our mattresses accumulate dirt, stains, smells or even nasty bed bugs. Typically ignored or put off, we sleep and lie down on these unsanitary surfaces on a daily basis, sometimes unaware or just how bad of a state they are in. Even when seemingly protected by sheets and covers, our mattresses are still susceptible to dirt and damage of many types.

Adept and experienced with mattresses of many shapes and sizes, our team at Diamond Shine provides an affordable and effective mattress cleaning service. Through the application of eco friendly, non-toxic materials we are able to remove smell, stains (of all types) and bugs to ensure a spotless finish.

Our Process

Our process includes a number of services included within a complete sanitisation or steam cleaning of the mattress. Simply inform us of your mattress issue and we will take care of it!


Our service includes the following and more:

  • Dust Mite Removal

  • Stain Removal (from food to bodily fluids and more)

  • Odour Removal

  • Anti-Allergic Treatment

  • Bed Bug Removal


Upon arrival to the site, we will conduct a step-by-step process following a consultation with you to determine your specific needs. From here we will apply a powerful vacuum, special detergents, hot water extraction and conclude with a thorough drying process.

Delivered in quick fashion at a great price, we will provide comprehensive, enduring treatment to ensure you have a fresh, clean and comfortable mattress for many years to come.

The Many Benefits of a Clean Mattress

Not only will our team of mattress technicians provide effective solutions to existing problems but we will also inform you on the best practices to maintain your mattress moving forward. All conducted in a friendly and transparent fashion, our goal is to maintain an excellent state for all mattresses throughout Melbourne.

After receiving the Diamond Shine cleaning service, you will be opened up to a world of comfort and ease you never thought possible. Free from annoying odours, allergens or bed bugs, your clean and healthy mattress will make sleeping a breeze. Don’t ignore the issues for any longer, let Diamond Shine revitalise your mattress today!


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