Oil Stain Removal

Oil stains are an everyday hazard that can affect and damage a wide variety of surfaces, machinery and property. Diamond Shine Pressure Cleaning offers the professional removal of various oil stains, eliminating these marks for good. Whether it is a commercial workplace, an industrial warehouse or your own household, oil stains can happen in any environment. Particularly difficult to remove, these stains often linger for long periods if not treated correctly. From carpets to walls to your home driveway, oil stains originating from numerous products we use every day.

Our Process

Minor or major, indoors or outdoors, Diamond Shine is equipped with the necessary skills and expertise to successfully remove nasty oil stains of all types. Beginning with the identification of the specific oil stain cause, At this stage we are then able to match the targeted cleaning product to its matching stain, applying techniques designed to attack the stain at its roots. From carpets to machinery, floors, walls, pavement any many more surfaces, our varied experience in this field allows us to successfully remove any oil stain we come across.

What are the Benefits of Oil Stain Removal?

Treating serious oil stains with home products or remedies can often cause even further damage. Stains can multiply in size or become further embedded within a surface. Applying these incorrect chemical products can even lead to irreversible harm. Employing the professional service offered by Diamond Shine, guarantees the correct chemical treatment to properly target and remove stains, returning your affected area back to its original state. Utilising environmentally friendly products we will also reduce risks to your home, business or industrial operation.


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