Paint Stain Removal from concrete

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Paint, ink and other liquid spills are a frequent occurrence throughout Melbourne. Brought about by various reasons, from accidental to intended vandalism, these spills can have dangerous and detrimental consequences. Safeguarding your property, commercial business or industrial site from the resulting environmental damage as quickly as possible is essential. At Diamond Shine Pressure Cleaning, we provide a vital paint and liquid removal service across concrete surfaces all at an affordable rate. Limiting the spread of potent chemicals present in liquids such as paint can prevent significant harm to the local environment.

Our Process

Responding to the call as quickly as possible, our paint removal service extends throughout the suburbs of Melbourne. Upon arrival to the affected spill site our first priority will be to immediately contain its spread across the concrete surface. This stabilising process is conducted through the use of absorbent material specifically designed to soak up the spilled liquid. After the spill has been contained, we then proceed to target the chemicals within the liquid, freeing it from the surface. Our final step will then involve a complete wash-down and vacuum clean of the surface, clearing up any signs of the spill.

The Positives of Paint Removal

Beyond protecting the aesthetics of your property, ensuring the prevention of harmful environmental damage is absolutely vital. Consisting of a number of strong chemicals, paint, ink and related substances can cause significant hurt to the local ecosphere. If the spill begins to seep into drains, gutters or local waterways, risks to the environment can be significant. With the help of Diamond Shine, these potential risks can be eliminated, benefiting not only your own interests but also the community as a whole. If not treated correctly, these spills can affect the quality of your concrete surface in the long term.


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