Paver Regrouting

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Grout, the mortar lined between tiles, is highly susceptible to degradation. Many factors can lead to damaged grout, an unfortunate occurrence that results in a floor ultimately left worse for wear. Grout decay can happen for a number of reasons, from cracked grout lines to leaking showers, stains, efflorescence, grime build up and many more. Regrouting is a process that reinvigorates tile grout, significantly increasing the image, functionality and life-span of a surface.

At Diamond Shine, we provide an affordable and highly effective regrouting service. This service extends to homes and businesses throughout the greater Melbourne area. With substantial expertise on hand, we utilise the latest regrouting techniques to tackle existing problem areas, provide long lasting grout replacements and increase the overall health of your tiles moving forward.



Our Process

Our regrouting service can be undertaken in Kitchens, Bathrooms, Showers, Pool areas, Outdoor pavers,  Balconies, Garage floors,Driveway pavers and other miscellaneous surfaces. Once closely inspected by the Diamond Shine technicians, we employ a carefully calculated step by step process:

  • The upcoming process will be clearly explained to you

  • All old grout is removed with specialised equipment

  • Grout lines are given a comprehensive clean with a special solution substance

  • New grout is laid down (with your choice of colour)

  • New grout lines are then washed with all grout haze removed

  • The grout is given the necessary time needed to dry

  • All new grout is carefully sealed with the use of a high quality sealant


How Can Regrouting Revitalise Your Surface?

Regrouting can add years to the lifespan of a tiled surface. Numerous factors (often hard to recognise) lead to damaged or sub-par grout in-between tiles. Exposed to all types of wear and tear, these tiles can degrade quite quickly, particularly if not initially laid down correctly. Professional regrouting will not only solve existing issues but ultimately set up your tiled surface for many years to come. With our service, you can even customise the colour of the grout!

For an inexpensive cost and all delivered with a short time period, Diamond Shine will have your tiles looking as good as new in no time! We will not cut corners on quality of service or work. For renowned, tried and tested regrouting, look no further than us and give your tiles a true diamond shine



Sandstone pavers before


Sandstone pavers after restoration


Slate floor before


Slate floor after regrouting



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