Silicon Replacement

Is your tiled bathroom, kitchen or shower looking tired and worn? Filled with unflattering marks at the edges of every tile? Chances are your silicone is the issue. Poorly fitted or old silicone sealant can lead to a number of recurring issues in your tiles and grout. As a result, mould, fungus and bacteria arises all over the tiled surface or area. Beyond the visual element, silicone issues can inadvertently lead to significant dilapidation of the entire area. Sealing the gaps and improving the overall state of the tile grout can drastically improve the look, feel and functionality of your tiled surface. Professional silicone sealant also prevent both existing and future water damage in your home or business.

Our service provides guaranteed high quality and long-lasting sealant products to transform your tiled surface. Able to apply silicone sealant treatment with a quick turnaround throughout the suburbs of Melbourne, Diamond Shine are your experienced specialists in the application of proven effective silicone solutions.

Our Process

Our application of silicone sealant solutions extends to

  • Kitchens

  • Bathrooms

  • Shower surfaces

  • Walls

  • Benchtops

  • Basins

  • Any other form of tiled surface in your property

Following a detailed inspection, our quick and efficient process will provide a thorough clean of the affected area, eliminating any existing dirt and grime. From there we will implement the use of the latest industry leading eco friendly and effective sealant products (all available in your choice of colour!). Once completed, these strong sealants will provide a pristine diamond shine finish, completely revitalising the entire area.

The Benefits of Brand New Silicone

Avoid the potential mishaps of applying silicone sealants yourself and ultimately achieving a subpar result. While some store bought products can alleviate the issue on a temporary basis, only professional tile technicians can provide strong long-lasting results. Our knowledgeable team deliver consistent results, no matter the silicone situation. We will also advise you on the best practices to ensure you never have to deal with these irritating issues again. Call us today for no hassle, simple and effective silicone sealing.


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