Sofa & Couch Cleaning

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Like our mattresses, couches are a natural accumulator of dirt, stains and fabric damage. Couches and sofas undergo significant wear and strain, typically prone to the affliction of human related damage. In terms of cleaning, this piece of furniture is often neglected in both the home and the office. Many either simply do not realise the extent of damage their couch has suffered or choose to ignore the issue.

Diamond Shine Pressure Cleaning provides tried and true solutions to combat couch and sofa damage. Assisting countless customers with a restored and strengthened couch/sofa we employ the use of industry leading techniques.

Our Process

Different types of couches require methods of treatment. The application of the wrong product to the wrong type can have a devastating result to the state of your couch. This is why Diamond Shine employs specific targeted techniques designed to treat each fabric, leather or microfiber couch individually.

In the case of fabric couches our technicians will utilise steam cleaning to effectively remove dust, dirt and the many unhealthy particles circulating throughout your couch. Utilising up-to-date industry standard extraction techniques we will guarantee the fabric remains pristine and robust. For the treatment of leather couches we take great care, ensuring that the delicate surface material remains clean yet undamaged.

Our primary treatment service include

  • Cleaning and condition
  • Moisturising
  • Deodorising
  • Refinishing
  • Stain Removal
  • Protective Coating
  • Colour Loss Prevention
  • Scotchgard
  • And more

The Countless Benefits of Professional Couch Cleaning

By hiring us, you can avoid the often-steep costs of purchasing a brand new couch or sofa, as well as the process of removal. For many, their couches hold a special sentimental connection, so why purchase new when you can maintain and update your favourite couch to as good as new. For residential clients, a comfortable and clean couch is an absolute cornerstone of a comfortable home setting.

Particularly relevant to business and commercial operations, the cleanliness and overall state of your couch is absolutely vital. Don’t allow a dirty stained couch to emit a negative image of your business. Instead, contact the professionals here at DSP for proven reliable couch and sofa treatment.



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