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Natural stone surfaces, tiles and concrete floors typically accumulate various build-ups of vapour, dirt and grime. Floors consisting of tiles and stones are at further risk to dirt and other damage when not properly sealed. Bathrooms and kitchen floors, typically home of these floor types are highly prone to constant exposure to moisture, seeping into the cracks in between tiles or stones.

The Diamond Shine strip and seal service consist of cleaning, stripping and scrubbing the area to remove old sealants and residue, ultimately restoring the floor to its original state. Equipped with all necessary equipment, skills and experience needed, our technicians are able to provide a comprehensive floor stripping service for your tiles. We strip and reseal any hard surface flooring as well as wall tiles. We are experienced in successfully cleaning a wide range of tile surfaces, including ceramic, porcelain, limestone, marble, slate, Bluestone, terracotta and more!


Sealed Slate floor


Our Process

The first initial stage of the process will consist of a thorough inspection of the surface, identifying all problem areas. From here our team will then determine the necessary course of action, whether it be a complete strip and seal or a targeted dose of products to a problematic area.

The strip process involves an initial sweep, scrape and general thorough clean of the surface, employing expert targeted techniques proven to be effective in this area.

We then offer you the chance to choose from a selection of industry tested and proven sealants. Different tiles require different types of cleaning solutions; this is why we will take great consideration in applying the correct products and sealing techniques to each individual surface type.

After the strip and seal process is complete, along with the removal of stains we will then proceed to give you the best recommendations to maintain your surface in the future.


The Benefits

Allowing your home or business surfaces to go unchecked can lead to potentially irreversible damage and degradation. Concrete, stone and tile floors can be vulnerable to harm from a number of causes. In particular, floors not correctly constructed have the propensity to be uneven, ultimately leading to a significant build up of dirt, grime and tainted grout.

Contracting the professional services of Diamond Shine Pressure Cleaning will not only fix existing problems but also revitalise and safeguard your surface for the future.



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