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Highly prone to the accumulation of dirt, grime and stains, tiles and tile grout need to be cleaned regularly and thoroughly. Over time, wear and tear can severely affect tiled surfaces, particularly those in highly used areas of the house such as the kitchen, shower and bathroom floors. If you are using a tiled surface at your workplace, looking to sell a property or simply entertain guests at your home, nothing looks worse than dirty and untidy tiles.

Without the use and access to the necessary cleaning products, it can be difficult to maintain tiles and tile grout all by yourself. This is why you must enlist the assistance of our professional service. At Diamond Shine Pressure Cleaning, we offer our expert knowledge and experience to customers throughout the Melbourne area.

When it comes to cleaning floors, our dynamic state of the art machines delivers exceptional results. In addition, our automatic vacuum compensator leaves the floor drier, preventing water damage to the property. With affordable prices and highly adaptable to different situations, we are the premier provider of tile repair in the city.

We clean all types of wall and floor tiles

Victorian Tiles Ceramic Tiles Porcelain Tiles
Marble Floor Tiles Polished Concrete Terrazzo Tiles
Stone Tiles Slate Limestone
Travertine Quarry Tiles Ceramic Tiles
Sandstone Terracotta Bluestone
Stone Pavers Granite Concrete


Our Process

Upon arrival, our cleaning technicians will conduct a thorough inspection. This inspection will include checking the floors for possible loose or cracked tiles and the removal of any furniture or objects from the area.

Following the inspection, our first step will be the application of a pre-cleaning solution to cleanse the tile surface area, alongside specific consideration to the tile grout. Our tile cleaning experts will then scrub the tile and agitate all grout lines. We then use a top of the line tile and grout cleaning tool that blasts dirt and grime off the surface, reaching deep down into grout lines for exceptional results. Once completed, you will receive tiled floors with a near new finish.


Why should you enlist professional tile and grout cleaning?

From the look, property value, business image and overall functionality, the benefits of our tile repair service are countless. We have already helped numerous clients completely revitalise surfaces they thought they had lost to dirt and grime. Your tiles are not dirt proof, like anything else, they require regular cleaning and care. Employing our service will result in a tiled surface that you can truly be proud of! Don’t hesitate any longer, call us today.

How can you protect your tile and grout lines from staining?

Dirt, grime and stains will naturally occur on tiles of all kinds. Routine tile and grout cleaning, however, can truly make an immense difference. One of the most effective methods to tackle tile and grout issues is the process of sealing. Sealing not only removes pre-existing staining, but also helps to make future cleaning more manageable.
Another benefit of sealing is the removal of potentially harmful bacteria and bugs. Two primary types of sealing solutions are typically applied: one that penetrates the tile and the other that lies over the top. The application of either sealing solution will address the source of the staining issue, removing it from sight, down to the very last crevasse of the grout line. With the help of our Diamond Shine professionals we will seal, protect and safeguard all of your tile and grout lines for the ongoing future.

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