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Steam Cleaning

This page explains all about steam cleaning and why you should hire Diamond Shine for such projects. In summary, steam cleaning is a cleaning method that uses steam. From floor cleaning to removing household dirt, you can use a steam cleaning method as an alternative to general water cleaning. Using water can damage household items and surfaces, and this where our steam cleaning service comes in handy.

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Why can’t I use water?: Homeowners often ask this question from us. Well, if the carpet is not fixed to the floor, then you can dry it by keeping it under sunlight. But, sunlight can cause discoloration. Also, some homeowners use harsh chemicals to wash off stubborn stains. None of such DIY methods will give your carpets the new look they deserve. Steam Cleaning is the best method to clean your carpets without causing any damages. No water ingress after steam cleaning, so no musty smell or mold growth. With regular cleaning, you can consider a steam clean every 12-18 months. No matter how big your carpet is, we will steam clean it efficiently and all the stubborn stains will be removed, leaving the carpet spotless. Take a few minutes to read the tips on maintaining carpets and steam cleaning process on this page.

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Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpets add so much personality to your home, but discolored carpets can have negative impacts on your home’s personality. Can you clean a carpet yourself? Well, using the wrong cleaning methods and chemicals can cause permanent damages to the carpet, and no By day-to-day use, the carpet in your property will get dirty and discolored. A quick tip: frequent vacuuming prolongs the life of your precious carpets.

Sofa and Mattress Cleaning

Sofa And Mattress Cleaning

You can’t just use water for these items in your home. Also, using harsh chemicals can damage sofa/mattress fabrics. At Diamond Shine, we follow a methodical cleaning technique to give your sofas and mattresses a new look. Removing stains, dust mites, and odors on leather, delicate fabrics and synthetics is the aim of our this service. Coffee, wine, food, and tea are the common stains on sofas and mattresses that homeowners can’t clean off themselves.

Why should you clean sofas and mattress?: The stains on leather and fabric will hinder the original “New Look.” Well, other than how it looks, you should focus on the hygiene side too. Dust, food, and dust mites on sofas and mattresses can cause severe health conditions such as breathing difficulties, allergies, and skin diseases. So, if you have been experiencing such health conditions; a dirty mattress or the sofa in your home could be the cause.

Why should you hire Diamond Shine for sofas and mattress cleaning?: Below our process explained to you in brief:
You can book our comprehensive mattress/sofa cleaning online or over the phone.
A well-trained and a fully-equipped cleaner will come to your premises.
He/she will use the latest technology and the right cleaning method depending on the material.
You can enjoy your refreshed sofa or the mattress in a healthier home.
Our charges are affordable to any homeowner in Australia.
Hot water extraction, steam cleaning, and dry cleaning are the methods we often use under this service category.
Our deep mattress cleaning will open the door to a better sleep.
Our unique cleaning methods will let you use the mattress or the sofa immediately.

Should you have any questions and concerns; please contact us today!

Why we are the best carpet cleaning company in Melbourne?

While we give priority to quality over quantity, we want to be affordable too. So, if you have been looking for reliable and affordable local carpet cleaners; you just found us, the best professional carpet cleaners in Melbourne.

Don’t hire cheap carpet cleaners and unrated carpet cleaning services

Contracting a “cheap” carpet steam cleaner who will damage your expensive and precious carpet and other elements such as sofas and mattresses is a big mistake; they don’t use safe and approved chemicals and cleaning methods. At Diamond Shine, we use safe,

A special machine is used for the purpose. Well, homeowners also now have this machine, but the machine they have is not enough for commercial and industrial applications. Also, you should operate the machine carefully as steam can cause nasty burns, especially when using commercial ones. So, renting a commercial steam machine from the local renting shop is not the best option you got.

The machine comes with a boiler that heats water and turns it into the gaseous form, steam or water vapor. Steam has a special ability to loosen the dirt on hard surfaces, so you can vacuüm the dirt with a vacuüm cleaner later. The steam machines we use work with detergents/ cleaning solutions for an efficient and effective clean. Removing dirt and killing parasites, pathogens, and dust mites are the top benefits of steam cleaning over traditional water cleaning.

Clean the stain straightaway before it dries out. But, be careful; you might spread the stain all over the carpet/mattress/sofa. Don’t use a rough brush which can damage delicate fabrics. Investing money in a powerful vacuüm cleaner and regular cleaning with it will increase the long-life of these household items.

If possible, minimize having food on sofas and mattresses. Keep a small carpet outside the main door, so the visitors can clean their feet before walking onto the main carpet. You can clean the small carpet by using any DIY methods.

Contact professional cleaners immediately if you can’t deal with the stain or cleaning. Coffee, wine, and tea are the most common beverage stains we come across. We do use chemicals for cleaning tough stains, but the ones we use don’t cause any damages to leather or fabric. If you are sensitive to any cleaning chemicals; please let us know about it. Then, we can find alternatives.

Cleaning a sofa can take up to 4-8 hours. And, cleaning a mattress takes a bit longer, up to 24 hours. At Diamond Shine, we have methods to speed up drying after cleaning.

Well, you can use these household items for years or even decades by maintaining them properly. It is highly advisable that you hire a professional cleaning company and get these household items cleaned every 12-18 months. Maintaining your already-owned household items properly is cheaper than buying new ones every year.

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